lillysteele said: Do you take senior pictures? If so where are you located and whats the pricing and package like?

Yes I do!

I am located in Saint Paul MN sort of near the capitol. And for senior pictures I charge about $75. Pretty cheap compared to most photographers. If you would like to get ahold of me faster you can send me a text message 612 570 2272 or like Sunlit Smile Photography on facebook and post on the wall (: faster ways to get ahold of me

Cassandra and her mommy

Easter Egg Hunting Today

Easter Egg Hunting Today

Easter 2011


kaylahbiased said: thanks for following me! love your tumblr!

No problem! Thank you!


My Tattooed Bunny

Sam and Cameron

Redesigning My Blog

I am redesigning my blog to be purely for my photography only. You will see the photos that I take and I will provide descriptions and the names of people presented and such!